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Services Overview

Paint and refinishing

  If you are about to paint your boat to protect it our experts are here to help with your knowledge. D&E Marina analyzes and creates the appropriate and personalized system for each surface fiber, carbon, iron, wood, with the purpose that the painting has the highest quality.

Fiberglass repairs

 We make repairs in fiberglass, manufacture of specific parts, modification of damaged parts, bathing platforms, helmets, covers, treatments with gelcoat etc .., Note that often something as innocent as small cracks of this type hide a Helmet that has lost a good part of its rigidity.  


We manufacture using state of the art production methods, generations of experience and artistry, Available in all sizes our flexibility is unique. This service includes clothing and recreation.

Electronics installation and repair

If you are looking for a complete electrical installation or renewing electrical equipment and wiring at D&E MARINA, we study your interests and adapt your needs to the boat.


Full-service professional upholstery, We offer complete yacht interiors, as well as boat covers, Biminis, carpets, headliners and panels. You can always expect quality workmanship and products at reasonable rates.

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to adjust to all your needs.

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